I’m A Tech Lover Too

I not only love myself which I obviously do A LOT!  If there were a picture of me on one side of the street and my house was burning down on the other side of the street with my family in it, I’d run and get the picture first!

Anyway a phone I really wanted was the 5.3 inch screen, Samsung Galaxy Note, but those Assholes at AT&T are getting it.(Not Verizon Which I Have)  Below you can see a photo of it with the AT&T logo all branded on it like on a cow’s ass.

Samsung Galaxy Note

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So tomorrow, Christmas eve is my Birthday, yup, that sucks right?  Well even worse, I was born into this happy world half Jewish (Although I Got The Nose Chopped Off) and Half Christian, so my birthday was always an excuse for relatives to just give me 1 gift for everything, a combo gift. ( Needless to say I don’t Talk To Those Relatives Anymore, You Know Who You Are!)

That being said, I expect each and everyone of my listeners, readers, and viewers to send me a gift, with a minimum price tag of $500 dollars, now GET ON IT!  Push your family and friends gift shopping aside, and get mine first…

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Fitness Minded!

At 33 years old, I’ve ALWAYS been quite fitness minded, based on the fact that I was a fat pig of a kid.  Each day, 5-6 days a week I make myself workout, weather hungover, which happens a lot, or not.  Above is an ugly, nasty, sweaty photo of me today after I’d just gotten back from my 1 hour run. Unfortunately, I skipped the weights today, but will have to him them hard tomorrow!


I encourage everyone, no matter your age or ability, to try and get into some type of workout cycle! I personally feel no different at 33 then I did at 20, and hope to keep that momentum going until I’m 200 years old!