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2017 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy – A Winner’s Guid

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy — A Winners Guide.
Fantasy football blows into town once a year, for several months at a time, and completely consumes the vast majority of the sporting population. Whether you are playing daily fantasy football on DRAFT or playing season long leagues on ESPN, your focus is simple: beating the heck out of your opponents. DRAFT, a popular new DFS site, has changed their formula to be more in line with season long fantasy leagues: now every week you draft your roster via a snake draft rather than a salary cap. This has led to many people wanting to know the best fantasy football drafting tips available. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are our keys to fantasy football drafting success in 2017.

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2017: Year of the Unknowns
The first thing that you’ll need to come to terms with is that 2017 is going to be one of the weirdest years of fantasy football that you’ve ever played. The reason is pretty simple: there is a lack of top name talent that you can easily slot in during the first round of the draft. This means that players like Jay Ajayi and Melvin Gordon, each with just a single solid season, are getting picked in the Top 10! This is insane. In regular seasons guys like that wouldn’t be grabbed til the late 2nd round. The reason for this is that many former first round talents, guys like Jamaal Charles and Marshawn Lynch, are starting to fade from the league. This means that more unknowns are going to be grabbed with top picks. Our advice is simple: grab solid players from great teams before going to the unknowns. We like Devonta Freeman more than Ajayi and Gordon. We like Jordy Nelson more than Ajayi and Gordon. You need elite consistency from the first round/

Embrace the Draft
No matter what you end up planning for your draft the odds are good that someone is going to throw a wrench in your plans. You can do all of the mock drafts in the world but they won’t stop your drunk buddy from grabbing Tom Brady in the 1st round. This suddenly, completely overturns your draft board. You MAY have been thinking about going RB/WR for your first two picks but suddenly Julio Jones is available at #5. Do you stick to your strategy and grab LeSean McCoy or do you get the better player? Obviously, we always advise going for the best player available. Your strategy needs to be flexible and that leads us to our next point of advice.

Practice Drafting
What would we do without the internet? Thanks to 24/7 fantasy football websites we are now able to mock draft to our hearts content. Get into a dozen or more mock drafts over the weeks as you prepare for your league’s real draft. Get a feel for where certain players are going. Practice adjusting on the fly to the curveballs and wrenches as they are thrown into your plans. Most drafts give you 45 seconds to make your pick and boy does that time go quickly when you are doing it for real. If you don’t know your draft order then practice drafting from each position available. If you DO know your draft order then try out different selections at your spot until it feels right.