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Fantastic Interview With…;
T.V. The Jason Rosenberg Show

Fantastic Interview With…

A fan of The Jason Rosenberg Show (me unfortunately) & The Ben James Show, (Ben is Much Hotter than I) made this below for us!  She’s also started a fan club too!  Thank you Lorraine Robson! Chicago’s Anthony Martinez!  Anthony heads up lgbtchange.org.  He had a lot of great stuff to tell us, and you can …

Fantastic Child Actress On Air!;
Advertise you or friends BREEANNA SLITER JEREMY LUBASH T.V. The Jason Rosenberg Show

Fantastic Child Actress On Air!

She’s been Called “The Next Dakota Fanning,” and I was lucky enough to interview her on The Jason Rosenberg Radio Show! Breeanna Sliter, remember that name people!  Breeanna just wrapped “Cereal Killer,” & “The Other Child,” both movies by director Jeremy Lubash. She will also be staring in “DINKS,” Double Income No Kids, directed by famed director, Robert …