Tomorrow Back With Hot Guests!

Tomorrow Monday I’m back in the Studio with lot’s of hot celebrity guests for The Jason Rosenberg Radio Show, and this upcoming Friday we shoot more scenes for Americas Most Wanted Deadbeats, the reality TV show that I’m on! (What a miserable Life!)

Great Day For TV And Radio


So today we shot the first scenes for the Animal Training TV show, we also shot 1 scene for Americas Most Wanted Deadbeats, and then finalized the day with time in the Radio Studio!  I really can’t complain, as so many people dream of being on Radio or TV.  I am very luck that I get to do both! (& no one is getting either of my jobs! So Fuck off!)

BTW during this busy media filled day my close friend and always handsome Co-host Will Mcerlean was with me!  You’ll be able to hear him and a bunch of other people on the Jason Rosenberg Radio Show!


Almost Barbra…



Yes almost!  But good enough for Donna Karan. Steven Brinberg joined The Jason Rosenberg Radio Show for a great interview yesterday and we are humbled! (not much humbles us either)

Steven’s, Barbra Streisand impersonation is known the world over!  Good enough to have preformed at designer Donna Karan’s Birthday Party! (good enough for Donna,almost good enough for us!)

You can hear it here!

The Queen!

Fantastic Child Actress On Air!



She’s been Called “The Next Dakota Fanning,” and I was lucky enough to interview her on The Jason Rosenberg Radio Show! Breeanna Sliter, remember that name people!  Breeanna just wrapped “Cereal Killer,” & “The Other Child,” both movies by director Jeremy Lubash.

She will also be staring in “DINKS,” Double Income No Kids, directed by famed director, Robert Alaniz. This movie will begin shooting this summer, right here in Chicago!

“Give me a part in it Robert!  I’m begging!!

You can here Bree’s interview, right here from the March 28th Show!