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Gay Celebrities
by Tim Nasson
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Zachary Quinto Gay

UPDATED October 16, 2011: Another of the stars on Tim Nasson’s list of “We’re Confident” are Gay has stepped out of the closet.

Zachary Quinto, of Star Trek fame.

Read his coming out post on his very own blog.

October 2009: It used to be a Hollywood sin, especially if you were an A-list male celebrity, to come out of the closet. Girls, the majority of them straight, paid big money to see male movie stars, such as the late James Dean and Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift, all confirmed homosexuals, kiss their female on-screen counterparts. Not each other. (That was left for the wrap parties).

Today, things have changed. A little. Girls, who spend tens of billions of dollars each year, worldwide, on movie tickets and Blu-Rays and DVDS, still expect to see Taylor Lautner, (a confirmed homosexual), kiss a girl – and like it, but if he were to kiss a boy in his own house, behind closed doors, perhaps they wouldn’t really care? Or would they. See, for instance, the July 2, 2010 cover of Entertainment Weekly, above, where it seems Eclipse stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are the biggest homos of 2010. Well, we say, and we hear, and have proof, that they are. Albeit not lovers, they are gay – in real life.

Well, there is a list as long as John Holmes’s package of A and B-list celebrities who are currently “OUT OF THE CLOSET.” And who SHOULD BE OUT OF THE CLOSET, which we bring you the information of. See below…and read our fine print!


Brendan Lemon*
Jim Parsons*
Luke MacFarlane*

Megan Fox*
Lady Gaga*
Chris Colfer*
John Cameron Mitchell*
Clay Aiken*
Anderson Cooper*
Clive Barker*
Lindsay Lohan*

Sarah Gilbert*
David Hyde Pierce*
Heather Matarazzo*
Michelle Rodriguez*
Alan Cumming*
Wilson Cruz*
Andy Dick*
David Geffen*
Kevin Spacey*
Clive Davis* (Exclusive. You heard it HERE, first)
Jodie Foster*
Danny Pintauro*
Chad Allen*
Nathan Lane*
TR Knight*
Rupert Everett*
Neil Patrick Harris*
Robert Pattinson
Stephen Fry*
Taylor Lautner*
Lance Bass*
Ricky Martin*
Sean Hayes*
Jake Gyllenhaal*
Ryan Seacrest*
Queen Latifah*
Jack Noseworthy*
Seann William Scott*
Elijah Wood*
Jonathan Taylor Thomas*

Sean Pyfrom*
Oprah Winfrey*
Gayle King*

Ellen DeGeneres*
Rosie O’Donnell*
Eric Szmanda*
James Franco*
Jared Leto*
Jonathan Togo*
Justin Timberlake*

Peter Berg (Tim Nasson slept with him in the late 90s)*
Zachary Quinto*

It wasn’t too long ago that there were people in the world who actually thought Clay Aiken was straight. And that Jodie Foster was not a lesbian. Live and let live. (Full disclosure, this author is openly gay and has been since the age of reason, actually, his autobiographical novel – in three parts – THE TRUTH – begins hitting store shelves in fall 2013). There were also some who could have been led to believe that Anderson Cooper was straight. Mmmhmmm.

How times have changed. And so fast. While the above list includes just a portion of the ‘out’ gay celebrities, (or celebrities that Tim Nasson knows for a fact to not be straight), it is hardly comprehensive. Most of the names on the above list, Clay Aiken not withstanding, would have raised a few eyebrows even five years ago. ButElton John? Harvey Fierstein? Bruce Villanch? Rosie O’Donnell? Ellen Degeneres? Boy George? George Michael? Who cares?

If you’re goodlooking, and a male celebrity, or a very famous female celebrity, the rumors about the possibility that you’re gay begin faster than a cat can catch a mouse in 10 square foot empty room. If you’re very goodlooking, male and single, with no history of ever having dated a woman – or at least not since about high school – you might as well admit it. You’re an actor. And gay. Big deal. And, even if you have the best publicist in Hollywood, (one now a member of the Academy – read our story here) – we’re on to you and know you’re really into, if you’re a guy, going down on a cock, and not on a pussy.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of current A and B-list male celebrities who have yet to ‘come out’ – but who by all accounts – and there are many – lead everyone in Hollywood circles, at least, to believe that they are not ‘may be’ but ‘are’ gay.

They are not, for the most part, pretending to have a girlfriend, prancing around fake-kissing a hired beard. (Except Zac Efron. Disney should be ashamed of themselves. They are the most horrid of all studios, in every sense of the word, trying to control their young stars’ images more closely than Fox does all American Idol contestants and their AI host Ryan Shecrest). We’ve coined the term fauxmance for the celebrities whose publicists pay US Weekly to do stories about their ‘straight’ romances; Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal and Justin Timerblake, among the many, all of whom we know for a fact to be gay.

WE’RE CONFIDENT: YES (And put our money on all of them being Homos, no matter what anyone, including they, say!)

Chris Evans

Chace Crawford
Nick Carter
Ben Savage
Anton Yelchin 
Devon Sawa
Thomas Dekker 
Michael Cera 
Tad Hilgenbrinck
George Eads
Jason Segel 
Paul Dano
Chris Klein
Daniel Radcliffe
Zac Efron 
Jamie Bell
Leonardo DiCaprio
Lucas Black
Brad Renfro (late)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joshua Jackson
Edward Norton

Lou Taylor Pucci
Jonathan Tucker
Chris Pine
Corbin Bleu
Michael Clark Duncan (married to Omarosa, but that’s like Oprah being married to Steadman)
Travis Fimmel
Ben Barnes
Adrian Grenier

Eric Christian Olsen

Nicolas D’Agosto

David Gallagher
Andy Samberg
Justin Bartha

Trevor Morgan 

From the above list, it wouldn’t be shocking to see half, if not 3/4 ‘come out’ before the end of 2015. The only one with anything to ‘lose’ by coming out, if he is gay, Leonardo DiCaprio. His star is so high – worldwide – that coming out publicly would mean, at least for a time, people (gay and straight) would laugh at the site of him kissing a starlet, naked on the beach, on the big screen. Knowing that he prefered the same sex, yet seeing him kissing and copulating on screen with the opposite, would make your head spin. (Really: In some lands it would. And the NON-U.S. movie box office grosses account for the most part – each major release – 60% of any particular movie’s gross).

The main reason why gay male actors of such a high profile do not come out is not that they are embarassed by or about being gay. It’s the fact that worldwide audiences – and the majority of the movie box office receipts comes from overseas, where (in some countries) being gay is still cause for execution – might not ‘believe’ their acting on the big screen if it involved the kissing of the opposite sex. Or take things one step further and boycott their movies altogether. Sad but true.

Why, you ask, did I compile a list of “We’re Confident: YES,” then? Because, for the most part, with the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio, (whom many high powered executives in Hollywood confirm, off the record, to me, is gay, and his highly public romances with supermodels are for just that, appearances), virtually everyone on the above list has a profile on the most popular movie website in the world,, created by their publicists or they themself. And, as of publication of this article, (3PM EST, 2/6/07), virtually all of their IMDB profiles did not include a spouse or significant other, of the opposite sex, nor any mention of ever having had a girlfriend*. Fascinating. If any actor feels as if they are truly on any list on this page in error, (in either the gay or not gay categories), please feel free to contact Wild About Movies. We’ll print your response. And, actually, even if their profile did include a significant other of the opposite sex, we wouldn’t believe it.

In addition, as being gay and having interviewed virtually every actor on each of the lists on this page during the past 20 years, and having been in and around Hollywood for as long, (friends with many celebrities, gay and straight, who love to gossip), its hard not to come to such conclusions. However true or untrue they may be. (Time will certainly tell). I remember predicting in 1997 that Oprah would be ‘coming out.’ That was the gossip around Hollywood inside circles. It hasn’t happened yet. Oprah has never publicly outed herself but all indications lead one to believe that her constant traveling companion and employee, Gail King, is not only her business partner but lover, as well. And if precedent means anything, her past and present same-time-slot competition is lesbian; Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnell.

As for Zac Efron. The poor thing is owned by Disney – who has an ‘image’ to uphold. As is his alleged girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. The kid, Zac Efron, on any given day, is more feminine than Vanessa Hudgens – and needs to be left alone to sleep with whomever he chooses.

Who cares That They Are? (Whether they ever admit it or not…we know they are gay!) 

Tom Cruise
Richard Gere
John Travolta
Haley Joel Osment

The Jonas Brothers (at least 2)


Jason Earles
Josh Hartnett
Paul Walker
Christian Campbell 
Rory Cochrane
Christian Bale
Matthew McConaughey
Cillian Murphy
James McAvoy
Bradley Cooper
Charlie Hunnam
James Marsden
Hugh Dancy
Daryl Wein
Shawn Hatosy

James Van Der Beek
Michael Sheen 
Hayden Christensen
Paul Rudd

Seth Green
Channing Tatum

All of the above mentioned are either married to a female, (one that they are sexually involved with, which we know to be factual), in a committed, sexual relationship with the opposite sex or have proven otherwise to be incontrovertably heterosexual. Christian Campbell, brother of Neve, in fact, is one of my BFFs – and I the fact that he is straight couldn’t be more evident.
The jury is still out on the following.


George Clooney

Stephen Dorff
Colin Hanks
Joaquin Phoenix
Ethan Hawke
Sam Worthington
Tobey Maguire
Heath Ledger (late)
Jared Padalecki
Ryan Gosling

Justin Chatwin
Ashton Kutcher
Demi Moore
Anthony Clark
Liam Hemsworth

Yes. Tobey Maguire is married with kids. But so is Tom Cruise. Tobey Maguire’s marriage was the most manufactured Hollywood marriage in memory. Well, since the ‘marriage’ of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It ‘seems’ to be a marriage of convenience. His wife? The daughter of the President of Universal, Ron Meyer – (president of the entire company Universal; movies, video, TV, theme parks, etc.)

Now, Ashton Kutcher is the biggest mystery of all. Rumors have abounded for almost two decades that Demi Moore is a lesbian. Is Ashton Kutcher planning his biggest PUNK what with his foolish ‘marriage’ to Demi Moore, be it he is straight or gay?


Alvin Ailey
Edward Albee
Peter Allen (who was married to lezzer Liza Minnelli)
Leonard Bernstein
David Bowie
Paul Bowles

David Brudnoy
Simon Callow

Marc Cherry
Lee Daniels
Guillermo Diaz

Denholm Elliott
Bret Easton Ellis
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Melissa Etheridge

Tom Of Finland
Malcolm Forbes
Greta Garbo
Joel Grey
Tim Gunn
J. Edgar Hoover

Linda Hunt

Tab Hunter
Elton John

Billie Jean King

Nancy Kulp

Jane Lynch
Rachel Maddow

Johnny Mathis
Ian McKellen
Kathy Najimy
Tim Nasson
Mark O’Donnell
Tyler Perry
Pete Postlethwaite
Charles Nelson Reilly

Christopher Rice
Herb Ritts
David Sedaris

Bryan Singer
Wanda Sykes
Rip Taylor

Lily Tomlin
John Waters

Limited source material for the exact above list only 

* CONFIRMED = Outed themself or have been publicly outed by various news organizations and/or by more than three other high profile celebrities to Wild About Movies publisher, Tim Nasson!

* The Justin Timberlake profile replete with mentions of girlfriends, especially the one to Britney Spears, is laughable. Once his career wanes, as did Lance Bass’s, watch him fly out of the closet.

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