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Give us 30 days at only 3.5% Commission total! We will list and sell your property! You can cancel at any time! We put it in the MLS and offer 2.5% payout to a buyers broker. If we sell it ourselves it’s only 1% then!

You can see more below about my Partner Rebecca and I..

As you can see below normally we charge only a 3.85% commission rate to list and sell your property total, which is an excellent deal, and lower than almost everyone out there! (That includes the 2.5% payout to the buyers broker.)

But today we will do it for 3.5% total that includes the 2.5% payout to the buyer’s broker, and my partner and I only keep one percent. Remember if the property does not sell there is no charge. Try us for 30 days and you can cancel anytime!

Here are some of our sold properties =>

This is the ad I normally send out as you can see below. But again we will do it for a lower amount of only 3.5% commission.

(Just in case you want some professional help selling your home…

We will list and sell your home for a total commission rate of only 3.85% if your interested in going with a broker. We can do it in 30 days as well!

We still pay out 2.5% commission to the buyers broker but we only keep 1.35% on our side, as we do a high volume of sales.

If we sell it ourselves and do both sides of the deal then it’s still only 1.35%

Jason and Rebecca Rosenberg
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