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My name is Kenneth Linares, I am 23 years old. My artist name is KENÔÔCHÏ. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, (Desplaines then Palatine). Both parents came from Cuba at young age and grew up in Chicago,got married and started our family in the suburbs. ( I am the youngest of 3 siblings, 1 oldest brother and 1 older sister)


All my life I remembering listening to many different types of music and having the urge to dance.
Then that turned into having random sounds and song ideas running through my head… so I would just be walking around the house beat boxing and singing little ideas, annoying most of my family members, especially my older sister. My favorite genre was Hip Hop.
However growing up music was always was just a hobby and my ideas for a career would evolve from being a fireman, football player, stuntman, dancer, stock broker, just to name a few.
4th grade I did start to learn the clarinet….. after my parents denied me to play drums as they didn’t want that kind of noise in the house and as the music instructor denied me to play the saxophone and said i should start on clarinet. That instrument did not keep me interested long so i quit band.
But I remember always trying to get on my friends macbook who had the basic garage band software, so I could try to make a whole song!
Anyway I graduated high school and went Indiana University to study Business and more specifically Finance.
Sophomore year I finally got a macbook laptop and it came with garage band, so I naturally started to mess around with it more and more. Then my fraternity brother showed me a more advanced music production software called Ableton. Further I keep diving deeper into making musical ideas.
Junior year of college I had an epiphany! Junior year is when I had my first actual Finance class, as the previous years were just general business courses. So that very first Finance class I quickly realized I wasn’t going to last in a long term career of Finance and decided to start seeking a more interesting career path! Same time I had a entrepreneurial class and was growing very fond of the concept! I started to apply my creativity to problem solving and thinking of products. !!!!
Then here comes a time when my friends introduced me to LSD (acid) and after 2 times I really “tripped” and “Woke Up”…. realizing the general layout of how life/society goes and thought what is the best way I can add value to this life…. what can I do to be my best self? I realized I had to do what I loved the most…..MUSIC!!! From that point on I started to make music seriously and was trying to figure out how can I do this full time!!
It was too late however to switch majors completely into music or entrepreneurship without having to pay for extra school, so I continued on with the finance degree and thought it was generally beneficial to understand finance.
Senior year comes around and by then I was taking my finance classes very lightly and focused on taking extracurricular music and entrepreneurial classes. In my free time i was in my bed room producing music. Also I had linked up with a start up consultant to pursue some of product ideas that I thought could pay off quick and allow me to just work on music full-time. After I graduated college in 2016, I started to work with the consultant almost everyday on building a start up outdoor gear company that originated from his product ideas. It was a no pay gig due the idea that equity i receive will pay off. But thats a really long term pay out and I realized time was passing me by and my musical goals were taking a backseat. I realized I had to get a job working for my dads electrical company so I can move out of my parents house, be on my own and have a placed to produced music ant any time i wish. My parents, sadly were not supportive of my dreams and basically looked down upon me and thought I was an idiot. Many fights and arguments over this matter. So i HAD to get out.
Just 3 months ago, I eventually I saved up enough money got my own music studio here in Jefferson Park. I lived out of the studio as well just so i can work on music all the time and save money. I finally started to finish songs and have the confidence to release them for people to hear. From my hip hop tracks to my EDM I have been finally sharing it around and have been receiving great positive feedback that is reassuring my ability to produce music and continue along this journey!
So here I am in Chicago, with not much, but a giant hunger to keep making music, network, and open up opportunities. My skills are growing day by day and I have so much unique music I can’t wait to share. My goal is eventually to be able to perform the music I make as a DJ/Producer. I want to create giant waves and tear up music festivals all over the world! I am very excited for the future!