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Invest in real estate with 100% no money down!


My name is Aaron Vaughn! I have been A real estate investor for over 32 years. I started out By purchasing a three unit building in a lower income area. I Quickly realized that by living in the basement apartment in renting the other three apartments out to subsidize housing renters I surpassed my job income!
I purchased for more properties, develop them and sold a portfolio to a coworker. I then realized my second income stream of flipping properties!
Over the years I’ve developed relationships resources and scaled up my business model which included commercial multi family as well. I also learned how to invest in properties with absolutely no money down! I started Chicago action Investors in 2016 as a way to not only do more joint venture deals but to bring financial independence to others within 18 months!  What differentiates CAI with other investors is that we actually show you how to invest in both commercial and residential multi family real estate  for no money down.  We also provide education and information for free at our weekly Saturday meetings