I am currently a retired nurse of 40+ years and have transitioned into a financial services business with my son and daughter thru PHP agency for the past 3 plus years. I reside in the Northwest suburbs of surrounding Chicago area for the last 8 years.  I was born in Puerto Rico and I am the eldest of 8 children from my mom and dad’s marriage relationship although I had 2 additional siblings thru my dad which one is deceased and the other is an older sibling.

I come from humble beginnings as my parents divorced when I was 14 years old and my mother had to raise us all as a single mother. She worked in a factory after the divorce to support all eight of us plus herself. With very little help from my dad.  An occasional $50 to $100  every other month if at all. As a child I was the one who took care of my younger siblings and have always had a heart for people. I knew at the ripe young age of 5 years old that I was going to be a nurse. It was either that or a secretary because I like to write.  Guess what? thru my  nursing career I actually got to do both because nurses do allot, I mean, allot of documentation! Half our career is writing in charts and patient’s files! Enough said of that!

I went to nursing school on a scholarship as my mom did not have the means to send me to school. Of all my siblings I am the only one who completed a degree straight out from High School. All my other siblings who did go to school to complete a degree did it during their adulthood as they were able to. I married young in life when I was 18 years old and my first child was born at 19 y/o.

I finished my nursing career during my marriage as I juggled married life, being a mother and school.  My husband and I decided to relocate to Chicago after my graduation and I have been here ever since except for a short time back in P.R. during that time frame. My first husband died young, he was 30 y/o from a cerebral aneurysm and I was left with 2 children and my daughter on the way. I did go thru a tough financial time as my husband did make quite a bit more money than I did and we had recently bought a home, had 2 cars and my kids were in private school. We had recently let lapse an insurance policy because we were over taxed on bills and other things in life. So needless to say that was a very hard time in my life. I will not go into details of how much debt we were in and the bankruptcy court, etc.  Going thru all this with 2 small children and one on the way.  I did marry a second time when my daughter was 2 y/o and was married for 18 years until my second husband also died at a young age of 47 y/o.  I did lose my second child to gang violence when he was 18 y/o. So I do know what loss is in many ways.

That is one of the reasons my financial services business is so important to me and I love what I do for people. Help them avoid what we call the 7 gotcha’s of money, debt, losses, health disparity, inflation, taxes and procrastination. If I was armed with the info I have now my life would have been much different at the time. I’m sure I would have been better prepared financially to weather the storms of life.  I am a woman of faith and have always relied on God’s protection and Grace and He has been there all the way thru it all. I would not have made it thru in one piece without that peace of mind.

My family is my greatest asset and I pour into my kid’s life especially my daughter and her kids which I babysit as I work from home. I have 2 adult children, 6 grandchildren and two awesome little granddaughter’s ages 4.5 y/o and 11 months old soon to be 1 year old in October.

My financial services business gives me the flexibility and freedom to be able to do allot of the work I do at home although I schedule time out for meetings with clients and training’s in office twice a week.

We have been able to teach and educate many people on financial literacy especially in the minority and lower to middle class to show them they can be protected financially without breaking the bank. I believe this is a much needed service for everybody as we can teach the ins and outs of the money game and rules that the rich are privy to and we are not unless you get yourself in those circles.

We have several offices nationwide and offer full service on how to manage YOUR money. Our focus is in overcoming the injustice and disparity of Wealth in America, especially in the middle class communities. We do this through teaching powerful financial education and financial leadership concepts. We believe this is exactly what our country needs – strong financial leadership and empowerment via effective education.

I feel very accomplished and cause driven to educate and show people how thru our company in PHP agency we have a system and platform that helps people become their own boss, leverage leader’s strengths and as a team we all help each other to become the best we can be. Our culture is like no other and we always work as a team. No one is left behind if they are coachable/teachable, humble and with great integrity.

My passion is to help other’s to avoid my experience as much as possible and to help the communities fix their financial homes and provide a legacy for generations to come. One person at a time.

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