Meet Award-Winning Author Dr. Hedda Martina Sola!


The author is an award-winning marketing expert in Croatia, EU and marketing professor at the University of Herzegovina. This is her first book, but from the my far as concerns, this book is worth to catch the eye on it.
We have asked the author of the book several questions:
Dr. Hedda Martina Sola, you have a great book title: “Neuromarketing Armoury”. How did you pick it?
Well, this book is the translation of the Croatian version of the book, called: “Marketinška oružarnica” (English: marketing armoury). When I decide to get book translated, into the final I moved this in neuromarketing armoury, because in U.S. & Europe, everybody is familiar with neuromarketing which is not the situation in Croatia. In final, I can say that each title is geographically oriented, where readers will better understand what the book is about.
As I can see through the Internet, the readers are very praising about your book. Can we expect the second edition of the “Neuromarketing Armoury” in near future?
ooh, Thank you. I’m happy to hear that. Especially when this comes from my readers. Paperback was published in 2017 and the Kindle edition in 2018. In the near future, I’m planning to prepare a University textbook for my dear students. Maybe in the meantime, the new book will arrive. I can’t tell, but I’ll do my best! 🙂
It seems you’re very passionate about neuromarketing. You’re a scientist with 20 years long experience in marketing practice. How these two are going together?
That’s true. I absolutely adore marketing and everything that’s going into hands with this. Neuromarketing was a great discovery for me 7 years ago, that I’ve decided to go deeper into it with a scientific approach. On my way, I get a hand from the NMSBA (Neuromarketing Science & Business Association) leaded by an amazing woman Mrs. Carla Nagel who immediately accept my book to publish. And a lot’s of the great companies, where I have to abstract the two of them, which helped me the most in my neuromarketing researches: “Neurons Inc”, the amazing company from Denmark leaded by famous Dr. Thomas Zoёga Ramsoy and the unique neuromarketing project called “The Hero Plan” from the great author and the owner, Mr. Daniel Vecino. Thanks to them, I became an inveterate scientist!
Today, I’m working as a marketing consultant where I consult the biggest company/municipalities/associations in Croatia and as a Docent at the University of Herzegovina where I can enjoy with working on with my students and be oriented on the scientific research.
So, who said that we don’t have amazing people in the marketing/neuromarketing industry?! 🙂
I personally think that neuromarketing is a great tool and looking forward to having more people in this industry as you are! Thank you, Dr. Hedda Martina Sola for such a nice conversation.

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