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Good Bye Mayor Daley…

Growing up in Chicago I’ve become quite attached to the Mayor that runs Chicago with a “Velvet Hammer”! Currently I have the pleasure of living in 2 major cities, NYC, and Chicago and I must say that despite his ups and downs, Mayor Richard M. Daily helped to turn Chicago into one of the most beautiful cities that I’ve ever seen!  Not only that, he attracted many large companies to Chicago which has helped turn Chicago into into a 1st class place to live and work! So as a part time Chicago-in I bid Mayor Daily a Sad farewell and wish him luck in what ever he chooses to do next with his life!

Hot New TV Talk Show!


In the next few weeks I will be taping a pilot for a new HDTV Television talk show that I will be hosting based on my talk radio show, “The Jason Rosenberg Show“, Heard right here on The Biggest News, Blast Fm in Cleveland Ohio, and TheBoyzone Radio in Europe!

I’m very excited, now I’ll be on 2 different TV shows and the radio too!

I must give a shout out to my amazing publicist Allen Geiner who landed me this new TV show!

Chicago's Most Expensive Listing Currently


As we all know, my primary entries are usually New York City, or Chicago Based real estate stories. (Although I’m expanding) As I was sitting here today trying to make a few dollars, I was wondering what the most expensive listing currently on the market in Chicago is.

The $11.5 Million dollar unit, is located in an under construction new condo tower in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.  It will feature 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and 9700 square feet of luxury living space!  I’ll move in as the live in maid!