WHO HAS $10 MILLION DOLLARS? 17 Star Ln , South Barrington, Illinois 60010! 22 THOUSAND SQUARE FEET!

17 Star Ln , South Barrington, Illinois 60010

Listed with Remax Premier Properties

Agents Comments…

” You’ve never seen a residence like this! This home goes beyond “Top of the Line!!” 5 Levels of exquisite living– enjoy a hand-carved entrance door– Everything is imported and custom-made–including the chandeliers, the floors (made with real onyx) walk in closets, master baths, master suites and the kitchen. This is the perfect place to call home for you and your extended family–even has 5 stop elevator! Plenty of fireplaces, Marvin windows. Floors have a heating and cooling system for the summer and winter months. Lower level has kitchen, party room, pool table, home theater, a 52×12 private heated pool and tub. 1st Basement is a walk out basement. A must see to believe!! One lucky buyer will get to call this masterpiece home!”

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[Pop Bitch] The Kardashians did much for LGBT acceptance in 2015, so why are rumours swirling that the klan is pressuring one of the family to keep quiet about their sexual orientation?

[Pop Bitch] The Kardashians did much for LGBT acceptance in 2015, so why are rumours swirling that the klan is pressuring one of the family to keep quiet about their sexual orientation?

Maybe they’re just trying to save some headlines for 2016?

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Gay or Bisexual Family Member:

[Optional] If your family told you to keep quiet about your sexual orientation, would you respect their wishes?



Flex 2 Bedroom
*Upgraded Kitchens (some with Wolf ranges,
Sub-Zero refrigerators, and Miele dishwashers)
**Marble baths with custom
**Lighted custom closets
**Custom oak cabinetry
**New hardwood floors
**Mahogany doors
**Available in select residences
Cardio equipment with personal entertainment options and free WiFi
Weight machines and free weights
A comprehensive group class schedule, including indoor cycling classes
Daily-use lockers, showers, and towel service
Personal training programs at affordable rates with a wide variety of specialist trainers

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– Air Conditioning

– Dishwasher

– Microwave

– Range

– Refrigerator

– Oven

– Washer & Dryer


– 12 Months lease

– 24 Months lease

– Other lease lengths


– Cats Allowed

– Dogs Allowed

Contact (917) 699-1892 for more information

HUFFINGTON POST: Man Who Supplied Guns To California Shooters Arrested On Terrorism-Related Charges!

WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES, Dec 17 (Reuters) – A former neighbor suspected of supplying guns to the married couple who massacred 14 people in San Bernardino, California, was charged on Thursday with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, the U.S. Justice Department said.

Enrique Marquez, 24, a friend of Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, who launched the Islamic State-inspired attack on Dec. 2 with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 29, also told investigators he and Farook plotted earlier mass casualty attacks, prosecutors said.

U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker said the two men conspired to commit “vicious” assaults on targets including a California community college and a state highway during rush hour.


“Even though these plans were not carried out, Mr. Marquez’s criminal conduct deeply affected San Bernardino … and the entire United States when the guns purchased by Marquez were used to kill 14 innocent people and wound many others,” Decker said in a written statement.

Decker said there was no evidence that Marquez took part in Dec. 2 attack or had prior knowledge of it. He was arrested on Thursday, authorities said, and was expected to make an initial appearance in federal court later on Thursday.

According to an affidavit filed by prosecutors, the two men met in 2005 when Marquez became Farook’s neighbor in Riverside, California.

Farook introduced Marquez to radical Islamist ideology, prosecutors said, and by 2011 Marquez was spending most of his time at Farook’s home listening to lectures and watching videos with extremist content.

At that point, the pair began planning gun and bomb attacks, the affidavit said, and Marquez told investigators their targets included the library or cafeteria at Riverside Community College, where they had both been students.

He and Farook also planned to attack State Route 91 with pipe bombs during afternoon rush hour, and then to shoot at law enforcement and emergency crews as they arrived on the scene, according to the affidavit.

Prosecutors said the pair bought guns, ammunition and tactical gear, and Marquez told investigators he agreed to purchase the weapons because “his appearance was Caucasian, while Farook looked Middle-Eastern.”

He bought a Smith and Wesson M&P-15 Sport rifle in November 2011 and a DPMS model A-15 rifle in February 2012, each costing about $750, according to the affidavit.

Marquez also purchased explosives, specifically smokeless powder, as part of the pair’s plans “to create bombs and commit mass killings,” the affidavit said.



Marquez was also charged with defrauding U.S. immigration authorities by entering into a sham marriage with a Russian woman in Farook’s extended family so she could live in the United States, prosecutors said.

Marquez, who had checked himself into a Los Angeles-area psychiatric facility shortly after the shootings, had several connections to Farook and Malik and quickly became a key figure in the investigation of the shootings.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is treating the attack as terrorism, raided his home and questioned him for several days. Sources said Marquez cooperated during their interviews.

Farook, the U.S-born son of Pakistani immigrants, and Pakistani-born Malik were killed in a shootout with police a few hours after their assault on the party on a holiday party of Farook’s co-workers.

Marquez worked at Walmart and at a bar recently. In 2014, state records showed, he married a Russian woman who was the sister of Farook’s older brother’s wife. Neighbors said they were surprised to learn he had been married, having never seen him with a woman. Prosecutors said on Thursday that Marquez was paid $200 per month for his role in the fraud.

The FBI said Farook and Malik discussed martyrdom online before they even met and were supporters of Islamic State, the violent group that has taken over large parts of Syria and Iraq.


The couple’s attack, which left 21 people wounded, has stirred concerns among Americans about national security and the reach of Islamic State, becoming an issue in the U.S. presidential campaign. The attack came a few weeks after gunmen and suicide bombers affiliated with Islamic State killed 130 people in a series of coordinated attacks in Paris.

Neighbors said Marquez and Farook often worked together on cars in Farook’s garage in their younger years but that the friendship had cooled in the past three years.

Marquez converted to Islam about the time that Farook became more devoted to the faith around 2008. But Azmi Hasan, manager at the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco, said Marquez later told him that Islam was not for him.

In the middle-class Riverside, California, neighborhood where Marquez lived, people expressed surprise at their neighbor’s tie to the attack.

“It’s just overwhelming,” said Adolfo Agoncillo, 51, as he worked out on Thursday.

President Barack Obama is due to travel to San Bernardino on Friday to meet privately with families of the shooting victims. (Additional reporting by Idrees Ali in Riverside, California, and Julia Edwards, Susan Heavey, Megan Cassella in Washington; Writing by Scott Malone and Daniel Wallis; Editing by Bill Trott and Cynthia Osterman)


ABC NEWS: Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested for Securities and Wire Fraud! PIGS HAVE FLOWN AND THEY ARE THRILLED!


PHOTO: Martin Shkreli, the former hedge fund manager under fire for buying a pharmaceutical company and ratcheting up the price of a life-saving drug, is escorted by law enforcement agents in New York City on Dec. 17, 2015.Craig Ruttle/AP Photos

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO and former hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli, who was heavily criticized for raising the price of a drug used to treat a life-threatening infection by more than 4,000 percent, is facing multiple charges of securities and wire fraud in what federal prosecutors call a “Ponzi scheme” that stretched on for years.

Robert Capers, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, told reporters today that Shkreli allegedly defrauded investors in two hedge funds, MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare, and also plundered Retrophin, the biopharmaceutical company he ran as its CEO, in an effort to pay back debts related to the now-defunct hedge funds.

Prosecutors allege that Shkreli lost all of the investments in MSMB Capital but continued to provide inflated and false performance updates to its investors. According to the indictment, Shkreli told one investor that the value of his $1.25 million investment was now worth slightly more than $1.3 million, even though MSMB Capital had ceased trading almost a year before and had no assets.

“Shkreli essentially ran his company like a Ponzi scheme,” Capers told reporters, explaining that Shkreli then allegedly concealed the collapse of MSMB Capital from potential clients in order to get them to invest in MSMB Healthcare. Capers explained that Shkreli next proceeded to allegedly use the money invested in MSMB Healthcare to pay off his previous debts. He is also accused of creating fraudulent transactions of money out of Retrophin in order to pay off personal and professional debts. Prosecutors say, as a result, Retrophin and its investors lost in excess of $11 million.

“As alleged, Martin Shkreli engaged in multiple schemes to ensnare investors through a web of lies and deceit,” Capers told reporters.

Shkreli was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud by federal prosecutors. An indictment filed by federal prosecutors alleged that Shkreli defrauded investors, made false representations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and used assets from Retrophin in order to pay off his hedge fund investors.

The maximum sentence Shkreli faces if convicted is 20 years in prison, according to Capers. The FBI says it is continuing its investigation.

Shkreli was released on $5 million bond today.

Calls to Shkreli’s attorneys were not immediately returned.

Retrophin filed a lawsuit against Shkreli in August, alleging he used the company to “enrich himself” and pay off claims to other investors, according to court documents. The company sought $65 million in damages from the former manager. In a post from earlier this year, Shkreli defended his time at the company, and said that every transaction he made at the company was done with the “blessing” of outside counsel.

Shkreli called the lawsuit allegations “untrue at best and defamatory at worst,” in a post on Investorshub.com. “I am evaluating my options to respond,” he said. “Every transaction I’ve ever made at Retrophin was done with outside counsel’s blessing.”

Shkreli faced intense backlash after Turing Pharmaceuticals hiked the price of Daraprim, an antiparasite drug, from $18 to $750 earlier this year.

TECH CRUNCH: Brazilian Judge Shuts Down WhatsApp And Brazil’s Congress Wants To Shut Down The Social Web Next!

A judge in Sao Paulo has orderedWhatsApp to shut down for 48 hours, starting at 9pm Eastern tonight.


WhatsApp is the single most used app in Brazil, with about 93 million users, or 93% of the country’s internet population. It’s a particularly useful service for Brazil’s youth and poor, many who cannot afford to pay the most expensive plans on the planet.

Brazilian telco’s have been lobbying for months to convince the government that WhatsApp’s voice service is unregulated and illegal (not entirely unlike the taxi industry’s posture on Uber),  and have publicly blamed the “WhatsApp effect” for driving millions of Brazilians to abandon their cell phone lines.

A WhatsApp shut-down would be akin to taking half the country off the electricity grid because of an industry squabble over the impending threat of solar power.

It’s a particularly baffling move when you consider that Brazil is the Social Media Capital of the Universe: Brazilians are the #2 or #3 audience on every major global social platform, and on a per-user basis, Brazilians spend almost double the time on social media as Americans.

But a temporary WhatsApp shutdown is not even close to the craziest thing happening with the Brazilian internet right now.

If Brazil’s conservative Congress gets its way, they’re going to take down the entire social web as we know it, with bills circulating through the legislature to criminalize posting social media content and to allow the government to spy on its citizens.

It’s an about-face from last year, when President Dilma Rousseff approved Marco Civil, a groundbreaking Internet “Bill of Rights”, as a response to the Snowden revelations that the NSA was spying on Brazil. The landmark bill, Brazil’s first internet legislation, protects net neutrality, user privacy and freedom of speech.

Since then, Brazil’s economy has spiraled into crisis, triggered in large part by a wide-reaching corruption scandal at the state-owned Petrobras oil behemoth that is investigating heads of Brazil’s biggest construction firms, some 50 politicians who are currently in office, and even ex-President Lula.

If Brazil’s conservative Congress gets its way, they’re going to take down the entire social web as we know it, with bills circulating through the legislature to criminalize posting social media content and to allow the government to spy on its citizens.

Meanwhile, Dilma’s approval rating has stagnated in the single digits, and many are calling for her impeachment, including Eduardo Cunha, Brazil’s equivalent of the Speaker of the House. Cunha  is under investigation himself for corruption and accused of laundering millions of dollars in a scandal involving the Brazilian oil company Petrobras.

Cunha, a former telco lobbyist, was one of the biggest opponents of Marco Civil (particularly its net neutrality clause) before the legislation made its way to Dilma’s desk and into law.

But a year later, he controls a Congress dominated by evangelical extremists and military dictatorship apologists, and is authoring or advocating on behalf of a slate of proposed laws that would not only dismantle Marco Civil’s provisions for consumer privacy and freedom of expression, but would also effectively criminalize the use of social media.

PL 215/15, which opponents are nicknaming the Big Spy (“O Espião”), is a surveillance law that would require Brazilians to enter theirtax ID, home address and phone number to access any website or app on the internet, and require companies like Facebook and Google to store that information for up to three years and provide access to police with a court order. An earlier draft said “competent authorities” could request the data without a court order.

Another part of the law, authored by Cunha, would allow politicians to censor social media practically at will.

It’s a twist on the European Union’s “right to be forgotten” legislation, which establishes a process for private citizens (but not public figures) to request some forms of sensitive content from their past to be de-indexed from search results (but not removed from the web).

The version Cunha authored would allow Brazilian politicians to not just request content they found defamatory, injurious, or simply out of date to be de-indexed, but actually order it to be taken down from the web (and with a court order, police could have the home address and tax ID of the person who published it on, say, Facebook).

Congress’ lower house approved PEC 215  in October. Now it goes to a Congressional vote before it would move on to the Senate, and ultimately Dilma’s vote.



• No Laundry Room
• Live-in Super
• Near Subway(s)
• Near Park

• Near Shops
• Near College
Building Notes
0000_566606173_large de8a0ae9 med_large
• 1.5 Blocks to the 1 Train at the 125th St./Broadway Station
• 5.5 Blocks to the A, B, C & D Trains at the 125th St./Manhattan Ave. Station
• 3.5 Blocks to Riverside Park
• 2.5 Blocks to Morningside Park
• 4 Blocks to Columbia University & Barnard College
• Laundromat on Block
• 1.5 Blocks to Met Foodmarket
• 2 Blocks to Citarella Gourmet Market
• Tamarind Gourmet Deli is Just Up the Block
Apartment Features
• Stainless Steel Appliances
• Dishwasher


– Dishwasher

– Microwave

– Range

– Refrigerator

– Oven

– Washer & Dryer


– 12 Months lease

– 24 Months lease

– Other lease lengths

Contact (917) 699-1892 for more information

DAILY MAIL: Federal Reserve raises interest rates for the first rime in NINE YEARS with a 0.25 per cent increase!

Federal Reserve raises interest rates for the first rime in NINE YEARS with a 0.25 per cent increase

  • The US Federal Reserve has announced it will raise interest rates for first time since 2006
  • Rates were slashed to almost zero in 2008 in the midst of the recession
  • Stock markets rose around the world today in anticipation of the announcement
  • The Dow Jones index was up 0.7 per cent while S&P 500 index rose by 0.6
  • Hike seen as Fed vote of confidence that the U.S. economy has recovered


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3362675/US-stocks-open-higher-Federal-Reserve-expected-finally-raise-rates-months-speculation.html#ixzz3uYd8ivYA


14-_Chateau_Louis_XIV Château_Louis_XIV_—_Façade_Nord. france Screen-shot-2012-12-15-at-11.33.13-AM Screen-shot-2012-12-15-at-11.35.14-AM Screen-shot-2012-12-15-at-11.39.55-AM Screen-shot-2012-12-15-at-11.42.30-AM

Your $100 million mansion just lost some prestige. Chateau Louis XIV, a 56-acre estate located between Versailles and Marly-le-Roi, just sold for 275 million euros, roughly $301 million. That makes it the priciest confirmed single-family home sale ever.

Built in a 17th-century style, the newly constructed estate sold to a Middle Eastern buyer in a private sale through Christie’s International Real Estate, sources told Bloomberg.

The house includes an aquarium, cinema, wine cellar and a fountain covered in gold leaf.

“With elegantly planted parterres, a gleaming gold-leafed fountain, an infinite array of flowers, marble statues, bridle paths and a hedged labyrinth, the property’s park and gardens evoke the genius of Le Notre,” Cogemad, the house’s developer, said on its website, referring to the gardener of King Louis XIV of France.

The previous confirmed record price paid for a home was set by a London penthouse in London that went for about $221 million in 2011.

However, there have been some very near misses. For one, Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov lost a 10 percent down payment on a 390 million-euro villa in southern France in 2010 after backing out of the deal.