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I used to be on Billboards.. LOOK… PUSHING A BAGEL! now I push condos!;
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I used to be on Billboards.. LOOK… PUSHING A BAGEL! now I push condos!

Prior to my Real Estate Career, I was involved with BAGELS! AND MORE BAGELS! ILOOKED LIKE A BAGEL! Well anyway, back then I owned and operated a bagel franchise along with my family. Here are some old photos of me and a newspaper article that was on the front page of the business section back …

Philadelphia's Phoenix Building;
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Philadelphia's Phoenix Building

This is one of my favorite buildings in Philadelphia.  Located in the heart of downtown Philly and steps away from Love Park, this unique building built in 1925 has been restored and displays comtemporary design and modern technology.  A amenitites include 24 hour /doorman/concierge, Fitness center, rooftop terrace, conference rm/dining facilities, club rm, and on …

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In this SSSSLLLLOOOOWWW market staging is very important! Especially if your owners apt/condo is empty! I know of a wonderful and affordable stager!  http://www.metropolisstaging.com/ <== that’s his site.. His name is Dominic and he is AMAzing!!!!!!!!!!!!   Remember when a property is full of furniture (done right) it makes the space appear larger and much …