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Not Good Real Estate News


Word on the “Real Estate” street, here in NYC is that City Spaces will be closing an office.  As a brokerage owner I understand the hardships of running a firm!  I wish them good luck and hope they can keep some of their other offices open.

Having an office can be extremely expensive, which is why I keep my firm virtual. Agents work from home and love it! It also helps to keep my overhead down and allows me to put more money into the Internet, which is what I feel is most important!

Mariah Made An Offer On THIS!


Pop diva Mariah Carey has reportedly made an offer on Fleur de Lys, the world’s most expensive estate, which is listed at $125 million. The the palatial 15-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills (above) was built by Texan billionaire David Saperstein. The five-acre estate is home to a 41,000-square foot French limestone mansion inspired by France’s magnificent Vaux le Vicomte palace outside Paris. It features Italian marble walls, French limestone floors, gold-embossed leather wall coverings, gold-leaf crown moldings, a ballroom with ceiling frescoes, a library complete with rare books, two kitchens and a screening room with seating for 50.