FROM BLIND GOSSIP! Here Is A List of Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Lovers!


Here Is A List of Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Lovers

hillary clinton 2 [National Enquirer] Hillary Clinton isn’t just caught in a political scandal over her missing emails from her stint as secretary of state – she’s also terrified of personal revelations about a secret lesbian lifestyle!

Now a world-exclusive investigation by The National ENQUIRER reveals that some of the presidential candidate’s famously “deleted” emails are packed full of lesbian references and her lovers’ names.

“I don’t think she’s so concerned about emails referring to her as secretly gay,” said a Clinton insider. “That’s been out for years – her real fear is that the names of some of her lovers would be made public!”

The ENQUIRER learned the list of Hillary’s lesbian lovers includes a beauty in her early 30s who has often traveled with Hillary; a popular TV and movie star; the daughter of a top government official; and a stunning model who got a career boost after allegedly sleeping with Hillary. Hillary made the huge mistake of mixing public and private messages while using her personalized email server – before risking a massive scandal by refusing to make the documents public.

“That’s clearly why she went to the extraordinary step of deleting everything,” the high-ranking source told The ENQUIRER .


Hillary is particularly concerned about intimate emails to longtime aide Huma Abedin – who married U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner in a ceremony that many ridiculed as a political arrangement.


Beauty in her early 30s (may or may not be famous):

Popular TV and Movie Actress:

Daughter of Top Government Official (may or may not be famous):

Top Government Official (may or may not be famous):

Stunning Model:

Another "LESBIAN" Story?

Jason Rosenberg (Me) Loves guessing games, and! So, help me guess who the following might be?

Cannes has been such trouble for stars this year: Naomi Campbell had younger, more attractive models thrown out of her fancy B-day bash. An errant dog ate Lindsay Lohan’s passport. And poor Venetia Vag-0-Matic  got dumped by her stunning girlfriend!

Only thing is, Venetia didn’t even know about this sad news until she got back stateside. How awful!

How could the GF, who blew off her more famous partner as soon as she returned to L.A., have been so cold? Well, turns out the gorgeous girlfriend saw a picture of Venetia in Cannes doing something she probably shouldn’t have been doing…

Like sucking face with a dude!

This really is so very Lindsay Lohan of Venetia, who’s never actually come out as a lesbian, but who lives to get her flirt on with any sex she chooses—even though she’s got a damn beautiful and loyal partner waiting in Hollywood for her. Really does read Samantha Ronson and Lindsay L. all over again.

Samantha actually tried to get Lindsay to live a more substantial, esteemed life, while Lohan, remember, would live to get her boy-flirt on in clubs and at parties, all the while playing supposedly out-and-proud lesbian housewife.

And just how did Venetia take it, once the girlfriend delivered the news?

“She was pissed,” said an eye and ear witness to the Vag-O-Matic meltdown. “She was telling everybody, like it was her girlfriend’s problem, not hers.”

I dare say that hit movie Venetia’s got has gone not to just the director’s head, but hers, too.

My Guess…

Who Is A Lesbian?

Well we all know I’m gay, and I LOVE the gay gossip, and also, dragging others out of the closet, kicking and screaming!

Well back to business here; according to Blindgossip…

I was having a pleasant dinner when the person next to me said, guess who is gay. Well, it would be easier to guess who isn’t gay, but I said I didn’t know. They then said the name of this married, foreign born, former A list female singer and sometime actress who will always have A list name recognition. I had never even heard a peep she was. A gay right supporter for sure, but gay? Absolutely 100%.

My Guess…


What are Kanye's Secrets?


Does he have any?  If you have half a brain, I’m sure your guesses, and 1 big guess would probably be correct!  I have a strong feeling he is part of my family if you know what I’m saying, and if you know much about me, (Jason Rosenberg) you’ll know what I’m referring to! We hear, he’s even gone as far as to pay off his “ex girlfriend”, Amber Rose 7 figures to keep her mouth shut!  Has anyone had a look at Amber Rose lately?  I would say she suffers from the same “family ISSUE!”

Yes! She's A Lesbian!


So it looks like Lindsay is off and munching on her 2nd lady, and this time her lady is 14 years older! Her name is Indrani-Pal-Chaudhuri!  No clue how to pronounce that either?  Anyone?  Didn’t think so?

Well anyway Indrani stated the following…

We have been spending a lot of time together. I have never had a relationship with a woman before, but Lindsay is just somebody who I find fascinating, gorgeous and extremely smart, as well as super-hot. Lindsay gets a lot of bad press, but she’s a really strong, creative woman and is trying really hard to get her life in a good, positive place.”

Markus Klinko, Idrani’s photographer partner added…

I’ve seen them on dates, I have seen them making out. Indrani is a good influence on Lindsay. She is the opposite of a party girl – a Princeton graduate, she’s into art and is a philanthropist – not what you’d expect the typical girl for Lindsay to go out with. When they are together, they talk about art and the deeper meaning in life.”

Lindsay sure keeps us busy!  When there’s nothing really important to write about, you know there will be a Lindsay story to post!


Who Didn't Know She Was A Lesbian?


Female rapper, Lady Sovereign, has come and told the world for those of us who even know who she is, that she is a lesbian, DUH!  I mean people, if she’d made an announcement and said that she was straight, then it would be NEWS!!

“Magazines would always ask about it but [questions about my sexuality] would get stopped by my publicists. It was my choice, too, because I was a bit worried about it but now I don’t really give a shit.”

“You can’t hide away forever. It’s just stupid and now I’ve come out I feel a lot more comfortable with myself. But it was a bit scary back then because some people do have horrible opinions.”

I’m gay, she’s a lesbian, now the worlds a better place!